On this opportunity, I’d like to share about my college assignment to make a re-make article, so here I gather 5 statements about the reason why it’s necessary to add Indonesia as one of your tour destination list.

Indonesia is one of the beautiful country which consists by incredible archipelago spread thoroughly from the edge of Sabang, Aceh, until the end of Merauke, Papua. Indonesia has 17.800 islands, probably more than that and that is one of the reason why you must visit this Indonesian archipelago as the tour destination. From the cuisine and beverage, a few of wonderful pristine islands, the wildlife of Indonesian flora and fauna, the iconic of Tugu Monas, until the richness of Indonesian cultures and tradition will encourage you to include Indonesia as the list of one important tour destination.


  1. Incredible cuisine and beverage

The most important thing that we should try if we visit other country for a holiday is the food, especially in the multicultural country just like Indonesia. Indonesia has many kind of delicious food and also extreme food which will make the tourist’s tongue feels addicted to the awesome local taste. Indonesian food and its beverage mostly are different from other region and tradition, for example in Jakarta, Bakso, Nasi Goreng, and Mie Ayam are the most famous culinary in some area.

from left to the right: Mie Ayam, Bakso, Nasi Goreng.

Bakso is mostly consumed by the whole Jakarta citizen, this dish is simply delicious made by the beef ball, noodles, Bihun (rice vermicelli), with the soup and additional spices just like celery, fried onion, and some of people include tahu (Indonesian tofu). There is also Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) since rice is the main food in Indonesia and for they who want to eat noodles can taste Mie Ayam (Chicken Noodles).


Your tour will never be complete without tasting the Indonesian beverage here, the most popular in tourist is Kopi Luwak. This kind of coffee produced by the civet’s feces, the seed of coffee which is already digested in this civet’s digestion will be re-produced again for a delicious coffee.

Kopi Luwak has advantage to prevent some diseases just like breast cancer and diabetes, this beverage also good for the skin nutrition.


For those who do not like the coffee can taste the original refreshing tea directly from the pristine place in Bogor and Bandung area. There are several tea farm spreads along the beautiful hills, you also can watch the women pick the tea leaves to be proceeded in the tea factory, Gunung Mas, in this place also you can get the knowledge how to produce the raw tea leaves into the ready beverage. One of the favorite product of tea beverage is Teh Botol, the most favorable from this tea is the flavor contains jasmine scent.


The tourist does not have to worry if they probably will starve during the vacation because some of Indonesian people open the travelling hawkers which are easy to spot, the price is cheaper, and the taste is also not really bad. Most of the people who opens these travelling hawkers are friendly and humble especially toward the foreigners.


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