2. Wonderful pristine islands

Previously on the 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Indonesia (Part 1), we conclude about the incredible cuisine and beverage including Bakso, Mie Ayam, Kopi Luwak, etc. Besides the cuisine, Indonesia provides the natural untouched view also gives you a new experience to explore the richness of culture and nature. For the starter, you can visit these two wonderful islands, Bali and Raja Ampat as the must visited destination.

Bali is one of the iconic beach and island in Indonesia, especially Java. As you arrive in Bali, you will be served by some majestic mountain sceneries and stunning beaches. This island is awarded as the World’s Best Island in 2009 because there is a lot of destination tour that will you regret if you do not explore them.



If you plan to search a quiet and beautiful place with untouched natural beauty, Raja Ampat is the most recommended place for you. An incredible archipelago in Indonesia’s West Papua, Raja Ampat is a right destination for many tourist who like diving and enjoying the beautiful corals. The extinct sea fauna and marine life in this place promises the ultimate underwater experience.



3. Wild, wild, wildlife

Indonesian’s forest is rich of the best place for a particular range of fauna’s wildlife, including apes, tigers, elephants, even komodo. Kalimantan – Gunung Palung National Park and Betung Kerihun National Park is the greatest island to watch this wildlife, this National Park is popular with the variety of habitat types such as mangrove and freshwater swamp forest, lowland forest and it is the one and only in the world where you can freely see the wild orangutans directly here.








One of the most amazing wildlife of the fauna’s richness in Indonesia is komodo dragons in Komodo island. This island is one of the 17.508 islands that compose Indonesian archipelago and known as the habitat of Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons is the largest lizard in the earth, which is named same as the island. There is also Komodo National Park where is dedicated to this yellow forked, scaly skin, huge and muscular-tailed dragons, with the sight of it rendering you a moment of amazement in speechlessness.



Mount Merapi is also one of the forest’s wildlife in Indonesia. If you ask about the most popular volcano in Indonesia, Mount Merapi is the one which usually comes to mind nevertheless there are several other active volcanoes spread in the wildlife area in Indonesia. Mount Merapi is located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, it has been erupted regularly since 1548. The view of wildlife in this mountain is also possible to enjoy.



If you already finish your exploration to Indonesian wildlife, it is necessary to visit a small little town in Southern Bandung, Ciwidey, where there are several beautiful landscapes and highlands filled with the garden or strawberries. A fun activity to enjoy is picking strawberries in a huge plantation while breathing in fresh mountain air sounds refreshing! Still in amidst Southern Bandung, there lies Kawah Putih, a striking crater lake and tourist spot in a volcanic crater. The climate is often chilly and the scenery is too beautiful to be missed.

Strawberry Garden Southern Bandung, Ciwidey (left) and Kawah Putih (right).



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