Febry Hartanti

Happiness is not about a dependency, it is a self-cultivation.



Welcome to my wordpress! Here I write anything which I want to spill out, even though sometimes I mistake numerous grammatical errors, typos scattered everywhere, messed-paragraphs, not SEO friendly. Yikes. etcetera, etcetera… Since my mother tongue is betawi.

I don’t really like selfie, so…yeah πŸ™‚

Nothing much that I can tell about myself, I am a HARD CORE OPPA ADMIRER. Pmsl.


I adore Korean pop music rather than its serial drama or film, on the other side I’m only up to date about the boygroup which I fall for, especially INFINITE and NCT. Inspirit~









credit by: Honey Tree (Nam Woohyun’s fansite) and Hug Me (Nakamoto Yuta’s fansite).

To be grateful is easy! Seeing oppas’ face in HD quality is a pleasure, right? Lmfao.

My kind of drugs! Please do blame them as the reason why I’m very comfortable for being single. Lol.

My hoby is writing and fangirling about oppas, please don’t judge. Ehe. πŸ™‚

My definition of netflix = Kpop MV, anime, Kdrama, Kvariety show, Stand up Comedy, etc.

Lets skip that session since I can’t help but become talkative if it comes to Kpop.

I do accept some POLITE critic and suggestion in order to develop my virtual diary. Don’t hesitate to leave your comment or share everything from here. Ocassionally I use internet slang such as, lol (laughing out loud), lmao (laughing my ass off), lmfao (laughing my fucking ass off), pmsl (pissing myself laughing), gdi (god dammit), istg (I swear to god), yikes, etcetera, etcetera. And, I prefer to write in english to improve my ability but perhaps for the future or if I’m tired using english, I’ll use bahasa.



Well, previously I worked in a Korean Language Center named Namsan Korean Language Course, since the beginning of my graduatation from Vocational High School until the end of June 2016. And now I’m just a jobless student in my 5th semester, at least I’m not a jobless lady who asks her parents’ buck to spend it carelessly without doing anything productive. Hell no. Sorry for being sarcastic but I’m a colleger while trying to increase my grade in order not to make my mother’s money be wasted. πŸ˜‰


The reason why I decided to resign from my previous occupation because the workplace was moved from Central Jakarta to South Jakarta and yeah… Since the place is too far from my college and home, in East Jakarta, plus I too rely on public transportation, I can’t ride any kind of vehicle except bike, I chose to stop working rather my grade decrease. Now I’m a content writer on my own wordpress. Rotfl. At least, writing is not jobless since it’s my hobby.



I study at STBA Pertiwi, a small yet cozy campus which located near PGC mall. I’m so grateful that the place is near my house, so I don’t need to take any public transportation, which means I have to waste more my mother’s money. Lmao. Kidding. Nothing much that I can tell about this campus since I spend my time only for studying after go back from my workplace then come home.

I’m not the type of person who spend more time in my campus besides studying but because I worked before, I felt it tire me to work on the morning and study afterwards on the evening but I should do that to help my mom. I mean, what’s the point of sparing more time and staying at campus longer after the lesson only for gossiping or watching netflix? It’s entertaining of course but I find it less productive. I spend more time with friends sometimes to do studying group or dine, even though do gossip as well eventually. Socialization is not always gossiping, right? I need to find something productive and stop myself from fangirling about oppas. ISTG!

Yet now, I don’t think I’ll stay late at my campus after the lecture, I prefer to manage my little wordpress, writing something productive and sometimes watching netflix at the same moment.



Mom. Only her. I don’t know how much I should be thankful for my mother since my father already passed away three years ago due to diabet. I don’t have any siblings, nonetheless, I still have my cousins. And, psh, my cousins are kinda crazy. Lol. I couldn’t be more grateful.

My mom works at Kalibata City as a cooker, she is a great cooker yet unfortunately she rarely cooks for me since she has to work 10/6 in a week. BUT ISTG HER COOKING IS HEAVEN! Any kind of dishes, sambel, oncom, kangkung tumis, labu siam, sop, soto, gdi I’m hungry while writing it. Pmsl.

Actually the taste is not like the five star restaurant but made with love is much greater than anything. β™‘


About the others and additional stuffs will be updated soon! Have a blessed day~ β™‘